Friday, September 28, 2012


One of the best parts of canning and freezing is teaching others how, and spending time with them while working together in the kitchen! Today, I took my supplies to a friend's kitchen to help her make her applesauce supply for the year....or at least as long as it will last!
First: start off by choosing the apples. I prefer Courtland or Jonathon apples. Both of them make a pretty pink sauce, and they are also good for canning apple pie filling, as well as making apple dumplings, apple crisp, pie, and other yummy fall apple dishes.
Most fall apples are naturally sweet and do not require any added sugar.
Getting started. Wash the apples, and cut them into quarters.

Place the cut apples into large stock pot. Add approximately 1-2 inches of water to the bottom of the pan. Heat the apples till soft, stirring frequently to prevent burning on the bottom.

 The apples will begin to look like sauce and should smash easily. The aroma of warm applesauce begins to fill your kitchen by now!

The next step is straining the sauce. I like to use this strainer by back to basics. I have used this one for the past 15 years and love it! It is also great for making tomato sauce!

Pour part of the apples into into the top of the strainer and turn away! The kids will love to help with this part! My little ones like to watch the sauce come out and the "junk" go out the end!

After finishing a pot full, take time to stir the sauce together to mix it evenly throughout.

Dish the sauce (slightly cooled) into freezer boxes and place in freezer.
I like to serve my applesauce only partly thawed. It is a good treat to finish off a meal with icy applesauce!
Be sure to set a bowl of fresh applesauce aside to enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for posting this Wendy! So, are the peels included? Is that what makes it pink? Also, where can I buy that strainer! And....I want your apple crisp recipe!:))) PRETTY PLEASE!;)LOL
    Love this new blog!